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E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference Live Blog

Nintendo Announcements

-Miyamoto introduces the sounds for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The classic 8-bit songs are redone by a full orchestra.
-Link’s Awakening will be available today, in the newly released eShop.
-Four Swords will be available this fall for DSi for free.
-Skyward Sword will be available this holiday season.
-There will be a special golden Wiimote Plus
-Legend of Zelda Symphony Orchestra concerts will be available in each region in the fall.

-Happy 25th anniversary Legend of Zelda!
-Satoru Iwata makes his presence known!
-The new platform will offer deeper experience than any gamer has experienced. And appeal to a wider audience.
-“To serve EVERY player”
-Starfox 3D.
-First real video of Super Mario Bros 3D
-Kid Icarus looks really cool
-Luigi’s Mansion 3D!
-It’s REGGIE time
-Mario Kart 3D:Kart Customization, Hang-gliding and will release this holiday season.
-Starfox will use either buttons, or the built in motion sensor to steer.The cameras will record your friends while playing online, while being in 3D. Starfox release date is this September.
-Mario Bros 3D looks to be like Super Mario Galaxy, only with the characteristics of Super Mario Bros.
-Kid Icarus will use AR gameplay.
-Kid Icarus will also support online multiplayer. Will release later this year.
-Luigi’s Mansion 2!
-Tekken 3D
-Game Demos and trailers will be available on the 3DS now, as well as the Virtual Console. Most older games will use 3D now!
-New Nintendo console is called Wii U.
-The new controller is a touch screen pad
-Allows you to switch from the TV to the controller seamlessly.
-Basically a mobile web browser, phone, and all kinds of stuff for your console.
-Information is sent from the console to the controller without latency. Games can use two screens at once to make the experiences more in-depth.
-The Wii U allows for new styles of play and makes room for many new ideas.
-The crowd roared about Super Smash for the 3DS. I did too.
-New open world game for the Wii U and 3ds called LEGO City Stories
-Tekken and Batman Arkham City will be on Wii U.
-Darksiders 2 shown for the Wii U
-Graphics look totally updated and on par with other current gen systems.
-Ninja Gaiden 3 announced for Wii U
-Wii U will be fully supported by EA’s biggest titles.
-Wii U will be a fully HD system and will support most of the same features as other consoles, along with the revolutionary new controller.

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That wraps it up for Nintendo’s press conference. They showed a cool new way to play with the Wii U and it’s awesome new controller. The Wii U shows that Nintendo is now finally serious about releasing Core games and not just appealing to the casual market. Thank you for tuning in to our Live Blog of Nintendo’s Press Conference from E3 2011, and join us here for the rest of the week for complete E3 coverage!