E3 2012: Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion (3DS) Gets Release Date

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One of the industry’s most well-respected figures took the stage last night during Nintendo’s 3DS showcase, as Warren Spector demoed the unique 3DS spin on Epic Mickey 2 alongside Dreamrift’s Peter Ong.

Subtitled “Power of Illusion”, this game is actually a sequel to the Genesis classic “Castle of Illusion”. The 3DS installment will still feature many of the same paint-based ideas from the original Epic Mickey, but it won’t be exactly like the upcoming console sequel, “Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two”.

There were some details about the plot and the gameplay revealed during Spector and Ong’s demonstration, but I was honestly too impressed/distracted by the game’s gorgeous sprites and colorful art style…so I had trouble picking up on many of those specifics.

Fortunately, one detail is very clear: the release date. Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion is set to launch on November 18 in North American retailers, so if you enjoy Disney or Mickey Mouse and you own a 3DS, keep an eye on this one: it’s being designed by a pretty brilliant designer, and has a lot of potential.

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