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EA announces date for Battlefield reveal


The new Battlefield will be officially shown for the first time next week.

Since the release of Battlefield V at the end of 2018, we have been anticipating its successor, probably titled Battlefield 6. The next Battlefield has captivated a number of players in recent weeks due to leaks, rumors, and an official presentation that appeared to be delayed.

DICE and EA, on the other hand, seem ready to break the silence that has surrounded the project. They have now confirmed the date and time of the new Battlefield release event via an announcement on the franchise’s official Twitter account.

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We know that EA’s intention is to release this new Battlefield in time for the holiday season, unless they give us a last-minute surprise and we see it in the summer.

A Development Shared by Three Videogame Titans

EA has announced that “Battlefield is expanding,” in the sense that the series will include a new Battlefield game for mobile devices in 2022, in addition to a new Battlefield game for consoles. And what about the former? According to its executives, it has the largest development team ever assembled to work on a game in this franchise, so keep an eye out.

Since its inception, Visceral Games has been inextricably linked with DICE, with the only exception being 2015’s Battlefield Hardline, on which Visceral Games (Dead Space) also worked. In the case of Battlefield 6 (provisional title, we emphasize), it is known that in addition to the main DICE studio (in Sweden), there is another DICE team in Los Angeles, with additional help from Criterion (Burnout), which previously collaborated on Battlefield V.

According to EA, the collaboration between Criterion and DICE LA gives life to the game’s shared vision, while the original Gotemburg studio takes “technology to another level” to surprise us by the end of 2021. In its current state, internal tests are conducted on a daily basis to clean and balance the gaming experience in order to provide the best Battlefield game possible.

On the other hand, with the success of Call of Duty: Warzone, DICE will undoubtedly capitalize on the idea of returning to offer a Battle Royale, as it did in the fifth installment with Firestorm, but without abandoning the campaign and multiple online modes, where classic game modes will be available. We expect a possible expansion of the number of players from 64 per match thanks to the power of next-gen consoles and PC.

Time and Date

According to the tweet, Battlefield 6 will be revealed for the first time on June 9th at 7 AM PDT / 4 PM CEST. The announcement was made with a little teaser that allows us to get a sense of the graphics style that will be used in this new release, which appears to be quite similar to the much-lauded Battlefield 3.

Apart from these minor details, the game’s creators have provided no further information. We don’t know if this event will leave us with only a trailer (like the one that leaked a few days ago) or whether it will include gameplay and a more in-depth look. Nothing regarding the event’s duration has been divulged. So all we can do is guess about what we could witness.

For the time being, the only choice appears to be to wait and see whether EA and DICE release any fresh information as the deadline approaches. We’ll keep an eye out for any additional information about the new Battlefield. So stay tuned!