EA Chicago Developing Marvel Fighting Game

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Electronic Arts announced that EA Chicago will develop a brand new Super Hero fighting game franchise using the Marvel license. The acclaimed studio is recognized for specializing in the fighting game genre. Launching on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, EA Chicago’s Marvel fighting game will be released in 2008.

EA Chicago, the leading development team on top fighting franchises including Fight Night series and DEF JAM: ICON, is using their talent and expertise to take on an elusive game development challenge – to deliver an authentic Super Hero fighting experience that has been promised for years but never truly been delivered. EA Canada was responsible for the poorly received Marvel Nemesis, which received a 6.3 out of 10 on Game Freaks 365.

“We looked at past comic-based games to find out what was missing and what was needed to successfully translate the intensity, excitement and fiction from comics into fighting games,” said Kudo Tsunoda, General Manager and Vice President, EA Chicago. “We’re challenging ourselves to make a game that delivers on the Super Hero promises of past top-tier fighting games.”