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EA Goes Hollywood

Many video games have become movies over the past several years. Ubisoft’s recent purchase of the Tom Clancy brand will likely result in a series of movies and books. Microsoft famously pitched Halo to movie studios but was rebuffed because of the price that they were asking. Now Electronic Arts wants in on the action.

No, not a Madden movie. The company hired the Hollywood talent and literary agency UTA for representation in motion pictures and television. UTA will help EA develop a strategy for moving its games into the realm of large-budget motion pictures and television series. The possibilities are large, but EA specifically cited Army of Two and Need for Speed as well as awaited new titles such as Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge as potential candidates.

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“UTA is an ideal partner for us to bring the richness and story telling nuance of our popular games into other forms of media that give consumers more ways to experience these creative concepts,” said Patrick O’Brien, Vice President of EA Entertainment. “Some of our teams have already made steps to expand our games into other forms of media like online, social networks and print publication. This partnership will help us take these efforts to the next level and match each of our titles with the right artists, producers and financiers.”

The relationship is expected to significantly ramp up EA’s film and television slate, which currently includes a feature version of the popular The Sims game in script development at 20th Century Fox with producer John Davis and a MySims animated television series in development at Film Roman. EA is also in production with Starz/Film Roman on an animated DVD feature version of its new title Dead Space to launch with the game.