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EA Sues EA

Several weeks ago while being dragged across a suburban Chicago mall with my Game Freaks 365 colleague, I witnessed something strange. I saw what seemed like an Electronic Arts logo in the middle of the mall but closer inspection revealed that this mall booth was something quite different. It was Energy Armor and its logo which bore a striking resemblance to Electronic Arts’ own insignia. “They’re just asking for a lawsuit,” Kyle said to me. Surely as pie, only three weeks later do I find myself learning that Electronic Arts is suing Energy Armor in a dispute about that very logo.

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Those who don’t spend long nights watching infomercials, there is a new sports wristband that claims to elevate your mood, help “alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost…daytime energy” through the use of negative ions. Negative ions somehow increase the flow of oxygen to your brain resulting in increased “alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,” the company claims. So, by exposing yourself to negative ions, you can take advantage of their energy-boosting properties and become a better athlete. That kind of wristband is exactly the product that EA (Energy Armor) peddles and all of their wristbands carry a logo that is very familiar to us around these woods.

Now, I’m no scientist but I know snake oil when I see it and I’m sure Electronic Arts does too. So, now EA is suing EA over the similarity of the latter’s logo to the former’s. EA (Electronic Arts) seeks to block the registration of EA’s (Energy Armor) logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as to the destruction of all of EA’s wristbands. To me, it’s blatantly clear that Energy Armor’s logo would cause a confusion of the two brands. It already happened to me. You be the judge before an actual one decides.