Earn $40 for playing State of Survival with Swagbucks

State of Decay

Play, level up, have fun, and earn some easy money.

Swagbucks, one of the most popular websites for earning money and gift cards online, has a new deal for gamers. Swagbucks will pay you 4000 SB ($40) simply for playing State of Survival, a popular mobile zombie strategy game. It’s perfect if you like management, strategy, and zombie games.

State of Survival is a strategy game in which we must defeat hordes of zombies attempting to destroy our city. To accomplish this, you’ll need to make use of the game’s diverse weaponry and not give up a single inch of land.

In addition, owing to State of Survival‘s cooperation with WB, if you complete the game’s story mode today, you can even unlock the Joker as a special character within the game.

Play and earn $40

Here’s what you need to do. Register at Swagbucks if you want to make $40 playing State of Survival (or if you simply want to earn money for playing, answering surveys, and testing things). Once registered, search for State of Survival, click the link, download the game, and complete the offer.

We only have to achieve level 21 in the game within 21 days to win the $40 offered by Swagbucks. It’s important to note that only accounts that are downloading the game for the first time are eligible for the promotion.

You may redeem the 4000 SB if you achieve level 21 in the game. You will get the award after seven days of meeting the objective. Swagbucks may be exchanged for gift cards, prepaid debit cards, and PayPal credit.

Contact the Swagbucks Help Center if you have any concerns about this campaign, difficulties with the program, or difficulty redeeming points.

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