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Easiest Boss Fights in Games That Aren’t Easy

Exceptionally powerful enemies in games are almost always more difficult to defeat than ordinary enemies. But there are instances where these supposedly powerful foes turn out to be just pushovers. These are some of the easiest boss fights in games.

Pinwheel (Dark Souls)

Easiest Boss Fights in Games

Pinwheel is a tragic character who suffered a lot and his story can make anyone sympathize with him. After so many losses, he sadly makes his last stand as one of the weakest and most pathetic bosses in the history of FromSoftware bosses. This failure of a necromancer will be down with only a few hits from your weapon, and his attacks are ridiculously easy to dodge.

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Patches (Elden Ring)

Easiest Boss Fights in Games

Patches may be a name that’s instantly recognizable by many FromSoftware fans because this dim-witted man appears in every single Souls game for some mysterious reason. Despite being cunning and only caring about himself, he’s a rather loveable character, in some ways. Patches had made his way to the Lands Between too, and he’s a petty bandit in the game. You don’t even need to completely exhaust his health bar to defeat him, as he’ll simply grovel for mercy once you land a few good hits on him.

Takeshi Kido (Yakuza 4 Remastered)

Easiest Boss Fights in Games

If you’re a fan of Yakuza, you must’ve seen this coming. Takeshi Kido fights the legendary Taiga Saejima and that ends as you’d expect. This fight is hilariously unfair for Kido as he’s just a rookie Yakuza who faces off against one of the most powerful and terrifying leaders of the Tojo Clan. In all honesty, however, Kido manages to not seem like a complete weakling in this fight, as he does stand up for himself.

Eredin (The Witcher 3)

The final boss of The Witcher 3, Eredin manages to intimidate the player all throughout the game with his threatening voice and villainous acts that proved him a formidable foe. However strong he might be in the lore, the boss fight itself was quite simple and many players are able to defeat him on the first try without trouble. There are unique attacks that hit hard, but overall, he’s easier than a boss from the early game. That has to do with the player’s experience, as well, however.

The Electrocutioner (Batman: Arkham Origins)

This fight is basically a meme. Walk up to the Electrocutioner who looks and talks immensely tough and… hit him. That’s it. He’s down. A hilarious fight.

Golyat (The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine)

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the legendary Biblical story about David and Goliath. Goliath was a giant who tormented people and he once faced off against a boy named David. This smart kid dispatches the giant with a single hit from his slingshot. At least that’s how I remember it. Golyat from the Witcher 3 is a reference to that story, and you only have to shoot him in the eye with the crossbow to kill him instantly. I really loved this reference and this particular, deadly weakness of him.

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