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Echo Generation launches today on PC and Xbox consoles

Echo Generation

Echo Generation, which was revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase, is ready for Xbox and PC players.

Developer Cococumber announced today the release of its new game Echo Generation for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. It’s also available through Xbox Game Pass for PC and consoles.

Welcome to Maple Town

Echo Generation will transport us to the small town of Maple Town. Summer vacation has begun for Dylan and his friends, who plan to film their horror film “Alien Skin Eaters.” However, their plans are cut short when a mysterious object appears in the nearby corn fields.

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From that point forward, a slew of unusual and bizarre events begin to take place throughout the city. When no adult realizes what is going on, it will be up to Dylan and his crew to investigate the threat that has arrived in Maple Town.

We will be able to move freely around the city, as stated in Cococumber’s title. We’ll go to video stores and places like the train tracks and Dylan’s treehouse. We will face a variety of supernatural creatures in its turn-based combat system.

Mutant wolf rats and creepy animatronics will have no chance against us as long as we have our field hockey stick and some snacks to help us recover. As we progress, we can level up our group’s stats and recruit new members or pets to fight alongside us.

Echo Generation is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

Watch the launch trailer of Echo Generation down below!