Echoes of Mana pre-registration now live on mobile devices

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Echoes of Mana

Players can now pre-register for this action RPG.

Square Enix said today that its new mobile game, Echoes of Mana, will be available this year on Android and iOS. This Japanese company’s action RPG has an original plot that intertwines both new and beloved characters from the Mana series.

The Mana series, known in Japan as Seiken Densetsu, is a long-running action RPG series with various entries spanning over three decades. The series is well-known for its endearing characters, story, and soundtrack, as well as for introducing an action-oriented twist to standard JRPG combat.

Players will be able to easily play and enjoy the “2D action” that has become iconic with the franchise in this new game developed by WFS, as well as play in a multiplayer mode with up to 3 players.


The Echoes of Mana pre-registration campaign is now live and will award players with in-game goodies dependent on the number of pre-registrations at launch. In 2022, Echoes of Mana will be accessible for free download for iOS and Android smartphones.

Echoes of Mana

If you want to pre-register Echoes of Mana on Android, you can do so here. If you have an iOS device, you can do so here.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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