Edge of Eternity retail version launches on PS5

Edge of Eternity retail version launches on PS5

Fans can now get their hands on a physical copy of Edge of Eternity on PS5.

The riveting JRPG from Midgar Studio and GS2 Games is now available at retail for PlayStation 5 in North America and Latin America. Midgar Studio is a small French indie developer created in 2008. It is composed of thirteen video game enthusiasts. The studio is located in Nîmes in the south of France.

Edge of Eternity was crowdfunded in 2013 and released into Early Access in 2018. The full version of the game came out for PC last year and consoles earlier this year as a digital release.

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The saga follows the journey of Daryon and Selene, two soldiers determined to uncover the truth behind the insidious Corrosion plaguing their world. A motley band of adventurers joins the heroic duo, each with their own dreams and motivations, and you’ll shape their fate and the destiny of the world with the decisions you make at key moments throughout your journey.

What’s included?

The special boxed edition includes dual audio options with a Japanese voice track led by Kosuke Toriumi (Guido Mista, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5); Hikata Yōko (Makima Kal’tsit, Chainsaw Man); and Toujo Hisako (Kakushi, Demon Slayer). Edge of Eternity also features a majestic score from Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

You can get the PS5 physical edition at Amazon for $39.99. There’s also a PS4 physical edition that’s currently on sale for $19.99.

Watch the gameplay showcase below!

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