Elden Ring Demake for SNES? This is what the retro console version would have looked like

Elden Ring Demake

64 Bits Animation has done it again with their latest demake!

Retro gaming fans have always asked themselves one question: How would current games look like if they were released on retro consoles? Previously here at Game Freaks 365, we have shown several demakes – Bloodborne for PS1, Bioshock Infinite on the SNES, and Halo Infinite for the N64

Today 64 Bits returns to the scene. These animators have once again given us another one of their demakes, and this time the protagonist is a game that surely no one imagined for the SNES: Elden Ring. 64 Bits has turned this video game phenomenon into an aesthetic that resembles the classic 16-bit Nintendo console.

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An incredible demake for the SNES

Hidetaka Miyazaki has released this year, without a doubt, one of his best creations. Elden Ring was the game that brought together fans of the “Souls” genre with fans of video games. A work of video games that will always be remembered by fans of RPG games. Because of this, many developers and illustrators who are fans of the game have created versions of the game for other consoles.

Elden Ring Demake

But once again, the 64 Bits YouTube channel has shared with us a demake. This time it’s an Elden Ring demake for the SNES. Yes, you heard correctly, an SNES version of one of the most demanding games that was released in 2022. 

Following the graphical limitations of the console, the animation team took inspiration from games such as Terranigma, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI, and others. Taking inspiration from these classic RPGs of the time, they managed to “adopt” Elden Ring to the SNES style.

It should be noted that this is not a playable version. It is a very successful animation from the talented 64 Bits team. In addition, the animation team has stated that there is no intention to carry out the development of the demake. Still, it is amazing to see this adaptation of Elden Ring to a 16-bit format. It would be even better to see an indie developer follow this look.

Watch the Elden Ring demake for the SNES down below!