Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

Here are all the Evergaol Boss Locations in Elden Ring. I’m sure that you’ve already found some Evergaols in the game but there are a couple of them that are missable. While some of them only have boss versions of common (lesser) enemy variants, you can get some good rewards by killing these foes. And you can also find a few important characters imprisoned in these Evergaols.

First of all, let’s see what will be covered in this article. The locations of the Evergaols (obviously), some information about the bosses, and the rewards they will give you will be shown in this article.

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Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

These are all three Evergaols in Limgrave, the first area you will arrive at.

Weeping Evergaol

Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

Located in the Weeping Peninsula, this Evergaol holds an Ancient Hero of Zamor. The lesser variants of this enemy are common in the Mountaintop of the Giants, which you can access after using the Grand Lift of Rold. This enemy specialises in Frost attacks and can be a threat to a novice Tarnished. Upon defeat, he drops Radagon’s Scarseal. This Talisman is a weaker version of Radagon’s Soreseal, which is in later sections of the game. This is one of the best Talismans for an early-game Strength/Dexterity character. It boosts Vigour, Endurance, Strength and Dexterity by three points, each. Do keep in mind that you need one Stonesword Key to unlock this Evergaol.

Forlorn Hound Evergaol

Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

Forlorn Hound Evergaol is somewhat near the bridge to the Weeping Peninsula. This location is also a part of Blaidd’s questline and if you wish to engage in his questline, you will need to defeat the boss here. A Bloodhound Knight named Darriwil is imprisoned here. He’s a “traitor”, according to our friend Blaidd. If you progress Blaidd’s storyline enough, you can actually summon him to aid you during the fight. Regardless of killing Darriwil by yourself or with Blaidd, the Half-Wolf will gift you a Sombre Smithing Stone [2] as a reward for aiding him. Killing Darriwil rewards you with the super-powerful Bloodhound’s Fang Curved Greatsword. This Bleed-inflicting beast is one of the best weapons in the game.

Stormhill Evergaol

Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

You will find this Evergaol which holds a Crucible Knight who wields a greatsword and shield just south of the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace. Upon his death, he will drop the Ancient Erdtree Incantation, Aspects of the Crucible: Tail. This is an incantation which gives you a grotesque tail that does a wide-sweeping attack.

Liurnia of the Lakes

Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

These are all the Evergaols in the Liurnia region, the wet and cold area you unlock after going through (or bypassing) Castle Stormveil.

Malefactor’s Evergaol

Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

While this Evergaol appears to be on the road near the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, it’s actually on top of a hilly area. You need to travel further into the swamp to find alongside the cliffside to find a Spiritspring. Use this and you’ll arrive just near the Malefactor’s Evergaol. You will find Adan, Thief of Fire, who’s a notorious thief chased by the Fire Monks. Defeat him to get the Flame of the Fell-God legendary Incantation.

Cuckoo’s Evergaol

In this Evergaol, there is Bols, Carian Knight. This is a troll knight, and he can pack quite a punch. Defeating him will earn you the Greatblade Phalanx Sorcery.

Royal Grave Evergaol

A powerful Onyx Lord resides in this Evergaol that’s located near the Caria Manor. The Onyx Lord is a powerful variant of the Alabaster Lords, who utilise Gravity Magic. Upon defeat, he will drop the Meteorite incantation. This sorcery casts a rain of Meteorites.

Ringleader’s Evegaol

You can only reach this Evergaol after nearly completing Ranni’s questline. You need to arrive at the plateau that stands above the Village of the Albinaurics by using a lift in a late-game section. The darkness of that village is actually because this giant landmass is sitting atop it. You can find Black Knife Tiche in this Evergaol. Defeating her will reward you with the legendary Ashen Remains of Black Knife Tiche. This is a very powerful spirit summon, even for New Game +.

Altus Plateau

Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

Here’s the one and only Evergaol in the beautiful Altus Plateau region. You can access this area by using the Grand Lift of Dectus at Liurnia of the Lakes.

Golden Lineage Evergaol

Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

You will need to use one Stonesword key to unlock this Evergaol. This Evergaol is somewhat special because it holds an important character. Godefroy the Grafted is of relation to Godrick the Grafted, the boss of Stormveil Castle. Godefroy was captured by the legendary Dragon Knight Kristoff. By defeating this boss that’s very similar to Godrick, you will obtain the Godfrey Icon legendary talisman.

Mountaintop of the Giants

Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

This is the only Evergaol in the Mountaintop of the Giants. This area is accessed after progressing through the Capital City of Leyndell.

Lord Contender’s Evergaol

Elden Ring Evergaol Boss Locations

One of the most important and tragic characters is imprisoned in this Evergaol. The Roundtable Knight Vyke is the boss of this Evergaol, and he’s the character on the cover of Elden Ring. Vyke was very close to becoming the Elden Lord, before being taken by the Flame of Frenzy. Defeat him once and for all to earn Vyke’s Fingerprint Armour Set and the powerful Vyke’s Dragonbolt incantation.

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