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Elden Ring: Faith/Strength Build

Elden Ring: Faith/Strength build

Elden Ring offers some of the best combat and magic gameplay in the series. Let’s combine both of those aspects to make a superb Faith/Strength Build that’ll help you seek the Elden Ring with confidence.

This is a customisable build, so be sure to add your own tweaks to best suit your combat needs.

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The Class

In Elden Ring, the starting class matters little because you can put points into the categories you want with ease, by farming Runes. But it’ll be a bit easier if you choose a Strength-based class, like Vagabond or Hero. Obviously, The Confessor is the best class for this, because you get a Seal with it. Also, the Confessor armour looks insanely cool.

As for the Starting Item, it doesn’t matter which of those you pick.

The Gear

In Elden Ring, armour doesn’t really matter much. You can pick whatever takes your fancy. Go for something heavier, like Bull Goat armour or Lionel’s armour if you want more Poise.

The Sacred Seal will be the Giant’s Seal which boosts two of the major incantations below.

Elden Ring: Faith/Strength Build

As for the weapon, you’ll have to choose something faster than a colossal weapon. But that needs to deal considerable damage too. Here are a few picks:

The Sword of Night and Flame.

This sword requires you to put 24 points in Intelligence and Faith, 12 points in Strength and Dexterity. This is an insanely powerful weapon, the investment is worth it.


This axe may seem like a simple choice, but its speciality is in its powerful Charged attacks. You can put Troll’s Roar Ash of War on this and it’ll be quite the forceful weapon. The downside of this axe is its range.


A classic. We’ll use the Claymore because of its versatile moveset. You can also try the Banished Knight’s Greatsword if this doesn’t work for you.

Put Lion’s Claw Ash of War on your weapons. Trying to break your enemies’ posture with this build is one of the main focuses.

The Skills

You’ll have to distribute a lot of points into your Faith and Strength categories. Also, investing in Intelligence can help you with using some of the sorceries along with the incantations, that won’t need a staff. It’s optional though.

You’ll be using Fire magic and Lightning attacks for the Incantation in this build. You won’t rely on Healing spells, but the good-old flasks. The magic will be used to buff your weapons and self and utilise offensive magic. Given below are the Incantations you will use, and their required levels.

Lightning Spear – 17 Faith

Beast Claw – 8 Faith

Flame, Grant Me Strength – 15 Faith

Giantsflame Take Thee! – 30 Faith

Flame, Cleanse Me! – 12 Faith

Flame, Fall Upon Them! – 28 Faith

In conclusion, 30 Faith will be enough for these Incantations. But if you can invest in more points, you can get better scaling. Flame Grant Me Strength and Flame Cleanse Me are spells that will buff your attack power and eliminate poison and Scarlet Rot (which is the most dangerous status effect in the game) respectively.

All other Incantations are offensive.

In order to unlock some of the incantations above, you’ll need to obtain Prayerbooks and give them to Brother Corhyn or Miriel.

Giantsflame Take Thee and Flame Fall Upon Them are two of the most powerful Incantations that can help with certain extremely difficult bosses in the late-game sections.

Invest a lot of points in Stamina, Vigour and Faith, too.

Check out this wiki for more information on Incantations and weapons: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/

The Talismans

Use the Claw Talisman and the Two Fingers Heirloom to boost your Jump attacks and Faith. Use the Starscourge Heirloom (boosts strength) and Radagon’s Soreseal (levels up all attack skills but increases damage taken) (Use the Scarseal until you find the Soreseal).


When using this build, you should focus on jump attacks to break enemies’ posture. When you’re not using the Sacred Seal to perform incantations, use two-handed attacks and use the Lion’s Claw Ash of War. Use the Offensive incantations against groups of enemies and bosses. If you can, craft Poisonborn darts and inflict poison damage too, as this helps make killing easier.

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