Elden Ring Lore: Battle of the Liurnian Highway

You may have come across the aftermath of a fierce battle when you were exploring Liurnia. This area and its story are quite mysterious and Elden Ring lore doesn’t give out many details of the Battle of the Liurnian Highway directly. What really happened there? Who fought, and why?

Elden Ring Lore: Battle of the Liurnian Highway

Inspecting the Battlefield

We can find a spirit on one side of the battlefield. As usual, these spirits provide information about the lore, but what they say is often short and enigmatic.

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Ahh, The Puppets… The Puppets besiege us…

Liurnian Highway Spirit

The spirit mentions puppets and you can see these puppets and other various machinery lying around on the battlefield. Among them are what looks to be the remains of Flame Chariots.

The usual faction that has these terrifying Flame Chariots with them is the Fire Monks. In a previous lore article, I explained the lore behind the Fire Giant. You might want to give it a read if you want to learn more about the Fire Monks: https://gamefreaks365.com/elden-ring-lore-the-fire-giants/

The Flame Chariots‘ faces bear likenesses to the Fire Giant‘s face. And It’s possible that these were used by Cuckoo Knights from the Academy. Proof of this statement can be found when you explore the South Raya Lucaria Gate area, you can find Cuckoo soldiers who have a Flame Chariot with them.

In conclusion, the Cuckoos were the knights of Raya Lucaria and they used Flame Chariots in the battle.

What were the Puppets?

When you saw the word “Puppet”, Preceptor Seluvis probably came to mind. He was an ally of the Carian Royal Family. But actually, these Puppets included Marionette soldiers and Avionette Soldiers. These weren’t used by the Carian Royal Family, but by the Academy of Raya Lucaria. But he just might be the one who made them…

The Marionette soldiers were created by a sorcerer. No source of lore describes who this sorcerer was. But the only person we know of who could create puppets is none other than Seluvis. This is purely hypothetical because there is no concrete proof that suggests that he really was the one who made them.

When you encounter him, he is under the service of Ranni the Witch, who is the daughter of Rennala, whom we will discuss further below. Rennala was both the ruler of the Carian Royal Family and the head of Raya Lucaria.

If Seluvis really was the one who made the Marionettes, he certainly did it when he was quite the amateur. Because the Marionettes are very weak and uncontrollable, but the puppets Seluvis makes when we encounter him are quite powerful and very controllable. It could be that he had improved a lot since the time he created the Marionettes.

In the Caria Manor, the soldiers are all spectral. But these are none other than Cuckoos from Raya Lucaria. As we know, Seluvis designs puppets of others and most probably he took Raya Lucarian soldiers and turned them into puppets to defend the manor.


The Academy of Raya Lucaria attacked the Highway. It’s possible that they besieged this area because of their feud with the Carian Royal family, which we will discuss further below. Near the battlefield, the Highway Lookout Tower stands. There, you can find a Twinsage Sorcerer of the Academy and a few Spectral Noble Sorcerers and A Spectral Godrick Knight. This raises another question: Why was a Godrick Knight fought alongside an elite sorcerer of the Academy? Well, the Knight’s spirit was probably enchanted to fight alongside the sorcerer. Not unlike your Spirit-calling bell which summons Spirits to aid you in battle.

Now that we understand what happened on the Battlefield, let’s discuss the lore behind the Factions that warred there.

Carian Royal Family

The Carian Royal family was a major faction of Liurnia. After Queen Rennala charmed the Academy with her skills, she became quite powerful and formed this great family.

If you observe the above Talisman closely, you can see the crest of the Carian Royal Family. It’s the middle section with a Staff and a Sword crossing each other. The Raya Lucaria Academy isn’t the only faction that uses Glintstone Magic. In fact, the success of the Academy largely depended on the Full Moon Queen of Caria.

Queen Rennala of the Full Moon is the leader and a major figure of the Carian Royal Family. She is also the governor of the Raya Lucaria Academy.

You wish know know more of Lady Rennala? She is Queen, head of the Carrian royal family, and governor of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. The great and beautiful Full Moon Witch.”


Despite seeming like a genius sorceress, later you learn that after Radagon, her husband, left her, She went insane. This mental breakdown let the Academy know that she was no champion and that’s why they rebelled against the Royal Family.

Lunar Princess Ranni is another key character from this family. Queen Rennala thought that she had died, but as we know, she is alive. Ranni took it upon herself to protect her mother from outsiders. The second phase of the Boss Fight against Rennala was an apparition made by Ranni. Along with Rennala in that fight, there are spirit wolves. This further proves that Ranni was associated because she gave the Tarnished a group of three spirit wolves as well. Ranni possesses the power of summoning forth spirits.

Academy of Raya Lucaria

The Sigil of Raya Lucaria

The Academy of Raya Lucaria was the signature of Liurnia. This school taught aspiring sorcerers and were powerful. In the previous section, we discussed how Rennala arrived and became the leader of the Academy after surprising them with her abilities.

We discussed the Highway Lookout Tower above. The Twinsage Sorcerer there was an elite sorcerer of the Academy.

Raya Lucaria sorcerers who wear a stone crown. Those who study the Twinsage Conspectus are the academy’s elite, capable of mastering the Glintstone Cometshard and Crystal Burst sorcereries.

These various sorcerers deserve another article of their own, so I will refrain from talking much about them here and making this article overly long.


To summarise the lore behind the Battle of the Liurnian Highway in Elden Ring:

Raya Lucaria Academy rebelled against the Carian Royal Family, who were previously allies. This was because Queen Rennala was proven to be no champion after her husband left her.

The Marionettes and Flame Chariots along with forces from the Academy besieged the Highway. Among the ruins of the battlefield, the Tarnished will witness another skirmish between these two factions. A Troll Knight puppet and Raya Lucarian puppets made by Seluvis can be seen fighting real Raya Lucarian soldiers who aren’t puppets.

A lot of destruction happened because of these battles and they still go on.

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