Elden Ring PC players are losing their saved games due to Steam Cloud issue

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There are cases of players with up to 15 hours of progress totally lost!

Something that has been common in the gaming industry in the last 2 weeks has been talking about the total success that Elden Ring has been, but as the days go by, more and more problems appear. One of the most affected platforms has been PC, but what is happening right now is total madness!

PC players are sharing on forums, social networks, and more, that they are losing their game saves. There are players who are losing 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and an hour of gameplay, but what is worrying many players, is that there have been reports of losing saves with up to 15 hours of progress.

Steam Cloud issues.

These data losses have nothing to do with the game, but rather with Steam. This wouldn’t be a problem if the cloud save wasn’t frequently out of date, and gamers who don’t double-check their data risk downloading a save state from hours or even days ago, wiping away their current progress. Despite this, Bandai Namco recognized the problem in a tweet, stating that it is “aware” of how some games aren’t being saved properly to the Steam Cloud.

For the time being, the business advises players to read this message carefully and select the most recent save state for synchronization. The most recent date and time for cloud and local files can be found in the Steam notice, and players should select it.

If you are playing Elden Ring on PC, we strongly recommend that you check your Elden Ring save files. You may have already been one of those affected by this problem without knowing it, or you may be in time not to lose your entire game.

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