Eldrum: Red Tide brings tabletop RPG-inspired gameplay to Android and iOS

Eldrum: Red Tide coming to Android and iOS

Eldrum: Red Tide is a dark fantasy role-playing game coming to mobile devices.

Android and iOS users will soon have a new dark fantasy RPG option. Eldrum: Red Tide is coming to the App Store and the Google Play Store this fall.

Eldrum: Red Tide is about a former soldier who is searching for his family in a world ravaged by war. His brother is gone without a trace and he sets off on a quest to find him. The answer to all his questions lie at the end of this dangerous journey,” indie developer Act None says.

This is the sequel to Eldrum: Untold. Like its predecessor, it has its roots in classic table-top roleplaying. It’s described as an “immersive and full-blown RPG,” using text as its primary gameplay mechanism.

The game features a branching narrative, multiple endings, and impactful choices. Players can expect character development and turn-based combat. It is accessible to everyone including blind and low-vision players on both mobile and tablets.

Are you a fan of tabletop RPGs? Do you think it will translate well to mobile? Let us know your thoughts on the forums!

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