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Eleven games leaving PlayStation Plus Game Catalog in January 2023

PlayStation Plus

Sony has announced that several games are leaving the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog including Space Hulk: Tactics.

Eleven games are leaving PlayStation Plus Game Catalog in January 2023, Sony revealed on the PlayStation Store. That means that you only have about a month to finish these games before they are gone. At that point, you will need to buy them.

The games are included as a benefit for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers. It is known as the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. It is similar to Xbox Game Pass in that you get a library of games in exchange for a monthly fee.

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Here are the games that are leaving on January 17, 2023:

  • Seasons After Fall
  • Bound By Flame
  • Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
  • Masters of Anima
  • The Council Complete Season
  • Electronic Super Joy
  • Jumpjet Rex
  • Leo’s Fortune HD Edition
  • Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek
  • Space Hulk: Tactics
  • The Last Tinker: City of Colors

Of course, new games come just as old games leave the service. Recently added titles or games coming soon include Far Cry 5, Judgment, and Mortal Shell. New games are added every month.

What do you think? Will you miss these games on the Game Catalog? Let us know on the forums!