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Epic Games buys Fall Guys developer Mediatonic

Epic Games buys Fall Guys creator Mediatonic

The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout developer is no longer an indie studio. Mediatonic is the latest studio to come under the Epic Games umbrella.

“It’s no secret that Epic is invested in building the metaverse and Tonic Games shares this goal. As Epic works to build this virtual future, we need great creative talent who know how to build powerful games, content and experiences,” said Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.

“At Tonic Games Group we often say that ‘everyone deserves a game that feels like it was made for them.’ With Epic, we feel like we have found a home that was made for us. They share our mission to build and support games that have a positive impact, empower others and stand the test of time and we couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with their team,” Tonic Games Group CEO Dave Bailey added.

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What happens to the Steam/PS4/Switch/Xbox versions?

Mediatonic is quick to point out that Fall Guys will remain on rival platforms, including PS4 and Steam. Rest assured that it’s also still coming to Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Those versions are expected this summer.

Epic Games also purchased the developers of Rocket League. While they have left that game on rival platforms including Steam, they have unlisted the game on the Steam search. The other big change that they made was to transition Rocket League to a free-to-play model similar to Fortnite.