Epic Games Store now has a self-publishing option

However, they will have to comply with certain aspects to be approved.

Steam continues to position itself as the largest online video game platform on the Internet. With more than 50k registered games in its history, the only real competition that Valve’s store may have is the Epic Games Store. That may change though as Epic Games is looking to become the largest online store on the internet in a short period of time.

The Epic Games team has published through a post on its official blog that now everyone will be able to publish their games on the Epic Games Store. Of course, there are certain conditions to ensure the quality of the titles, but the goal is to give everyone the opportunity to publish their projects in the second most important online game store on the Internet.

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All developers will keep almost 90% of profits

Through the official blog, the Epic Games team explained:

We’re pleased to announce the Epic Games Store is now open to all developers and publishers through the launch of new self-service publishing tools in the Epic Developer Portal. These tools will help developers to efficiently release games, maintain their store presence directly, and reach a growing audience of over 68 million monthly active PC users.

Unlike Steam, indie developers will be able to quickly publish their games through the Epic Games Store as long as they do not violate any of the site’s terms and conditions. However, Epic Games convey that they will be very flexible in order to give indie developers a chance that do not have the means or resources necessary to publish games.

Therefore, the Epic Games team shares that developers will keep 88% of the profits from each sale, leaving the Epic Games Store with only 12% of sales. It should be noted that all games that are published using the Unreal Engine (in any version) will not need to pay engine royalties. Needless to say, this is a substantial improvement over Steam.

And, if that were not enough, they will have the option of using their own payment platform or that of third parties for in-app purchases. All developers who opt for this will receive 100% of the profits obtained from in-app or in-game purchases. Undoubtedly, for those indie developers or small teams, they will have an easier way to share their projects and games in a much easier way.