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EVE Online x Doctor Who crossover event goes live today

EVE Online x Doctor Who Crossover

Travel to New Eden and face off against Doctor Who‘s Daleks in this EVE Online event.

CCP Games and BBC Studios announced today that their new crossover event that will bring Doctor Who to the EVE Online realm is now live. The popular action-adventure series Doctor Who and the space-faring MMO EVE Online will merge in The Interstellar Convergence crossover event.

For those who are unfamiliar with EVE Online, it is a free-to-play, community-driven spacecraft MMO game in which players may pick their own route among the stars from a plethora of alternatives. The game was initially published in 2003 and has since garnered popularity because of its enormity, intricacy, and the world-record-breaking exploits of its online community.

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Doctor Who arrives in the EVE universe

EVE Online x Doctor Who features a new Gallifrey-themed area where players may hunt for treasures from Doctor Who‘s Great Time War. The relics will lead players to the notorious Daleks, where they will participate in an interplanetary war for the ages. Surviving players will receive one-of-a-kind goodies to take back to New Eden. In addition, throughout the duration of the event, all players will have access to a Kickstarter campaign featuring skill points and Doctor Who-themed merchandise.

EVE Online x Doctor Who is the spaceship MMO’s first big cooperation, marking a new milestone in CCP’s effort to broaden the horizons of New Eden and welcome new players to its story-driven universe. If you wish to participate in the event, it begins today, January 13. EVE Online is available for free on PC.

Watch the event trailer down below!