Evercade VS is a new retro home console that supports up to four players

Evercade VS

The company that brought us the Evercade handheld just announced a new retro home console called the Evercade VS.

The console uses the same cartridges as the handheld. So if you already bought that device and some games, you can use those games on the VS console and play on your television.

Throwback design

The new retro home console looks quite a bit like the Famicom both in its design as well as the red and white color palette. First released in 1983, the Famicom is the Japanese model of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Unlike Nintendo’s first home console, though, this retro-inspired system has four controller ports for local multiplayer.

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The VS controller also looks reminiscent of the NES with elements borrowed from SNES like the four X/Y/A/B buttons. It has a D-pad, start and select buttons, and L1/L2/R1/R2 bumpers.

In addition, the new console will allow the use of any USB controllers, including wireless dongles. You can even use the Evercade handheld as a controller.

Modern features

Even though this is a retro console, it has a number of modern conveniences like Wi-Fi support and 1080p output. The Wi-Fi lets you receive updates to firmware and games without needing to use your computer.

Release date and price

We don’t yet have a release date or a price. However, you can add yourself to the pre-order list on the company’s website at evercade.co.uk/vs.