Everspace 2 ‘Union: Contracts/Heartland’ update out now

Everspace 2 'Union: Contracts/Heartland' update

Rockfish Games has revealed that the first major Everspace 2 content update, Union: Contracts/Heartland, is now available on PC via Steam and GOG.

The key focus of this update is on the three primary and three side missions and some additional side operations, the majority of which take place in the second-star system, Union. Elek introduces players to new smuggling gameplay as part of these missions. Elek is the rogue outlaw from Everspace: Encounters who enters the group as a new friend after being rescued.

Space game fans should expect a new friend, more main and side story quests, all-new smuggling gameplay, a new ship class, events, challenges, better game balance, special gear with set bonuses, and more. The update also includes four new Union music songs, three battle themes, and an additional chill synthwave beat for Supralight travel, among other things.

Early Access players can now jump into the cockpit of the new heavy-class Bomber, a bulky demolition expert with a virtually limitless supply of missiles and mines, the ability to regenerate the hull by damaging enemies, and the infamous ARC-9000 on board. This much-loved secondary weapon of mass destruction from the first Everspace installment returns as the Bomber’s explosive UFO.

Watch the update trailer below!

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