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With a collaboration with Lamborghini, returning game modes and items, and much more, PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 30.2 promises to be a breath of fresh air for long-time players.

PUBG: Battlegrounds has been going strong as one of the world’s best battle royales for years now. The new update for the game, update 30.2, will show players why it is still at the top of the charts. Featuring a collaboration with Lamborghini and the return of the fan-favorite game mode, Fantasy Battle Royale, there is something to enjoy for every player in the game. Let’s dive in as we look into what the game has in store for us.

PUBG: Battlegrounds X Automobili Lamborghini

PUBG has announced a collaboration with the renowned car brand Lamborghini, showcased through a visually striking trailer. This partnership introduces special vehicle skins that replace the base vehicles in the game, with added details and features that closely resemble their real-life counterparts. The collaboration highlights two new cars: the “Urus S” SUV and the “Countach LPI 800-4” Sports Car, each with unique features showcased in the trailer.

The “Urus S” SUV can be applied to vehicles like the Blanc, Zima, Pickup, and UAZ, and features a glass sunroof that can be damaged. The “Urus S (Lusso)” variant also includes this glass sunroof feature. Another notable addition is the Retractable Speaker, which visually rises when the vehicle is turned on and retracts when it is turned off, though it does not affect sound and cannot be canceled once activated.

The “Countach LPI 800-4” Sports Car, applicable to the Coupe RB, comes with a Rear Spoiler that activates at certain speeds and changes angle when brakes are applied. This feature is also non-cancelable once activated. Additionally, the car includes a Custom Boost effect and sound, which outputs at random volumes. Furthermore, exclusive Automobili Lamborghini containers will be available on the starting islands of several maps for two months. These containers, unlockable only by players with Lamborghini skins, allow the player and their teammates to use the Lamborghini vehicle until they board the plane, after which the container and vehicle disappear.

Returning Items in PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 30.2

Update 30.2 is bringing back some iconic items to the game. These items are: The Tactical Pack, EMT Gear, and The All-In-One Repair Kit.

The Tactical Pack, which occupies an inventory slot for primary weapons, now has its attachment slots increased from 2 to 3. EMT Gear, also occupying a primary weapon slot, has seen a reduction in the usage time of healing items: Med Kits now take 4 seconds, First Aid Kits 3 seconds, Bandages 2 seconds, and Battle Ready Kits 4 seconds. Additionally, the revival speed for teammates has been improved from 8 seconds to 5 seconds.

The All-In-One Repair Kit, which uses a secondary weapon slot, can now be utilized up to 3 times instead of the previous 10 times. These tactical items, including the Tactical Pack, EMT Gear, and All-In-One Repair Kit, now spawn across all maps in both Normal Match and Custom Match modes. These updates aim to enhance gameplay by providing more efficient and versatile options for players.

Returning Game Mode: Fantasy Battle Royale

Credit: Player One

A fan-favorite game mode is finally coming back to PUBG’s Arcade. Players will return to Dragon Isle for Fantasy Battle Royale. This is an exciting mode that brings a unique twist to the game by incorporating elements of high fantasy. Originally introduced as an April Fool’s event, this mode allows players to choose from four character classes inspired by traditional fantasy roles: Wizards, Barbarians, Paladins, and Rangers. Each class comes with distinct abilities and skills that alter the gameplay experience, making it different from the usual PUBG battle royale format.

The Fantasy Battle Royale mode transforms the usual battlegrounds into a fantasy-themed setting. The mode also introduces a variety of fantasy elements, including dragons and magic. The goal is to offer a light-hearted and whimsical alternative to the standard, more militaristic gameplay.

The game mode will be available from July 24 to August 7 on PC and July 31 to August 14 for consoles.

Other Changes Coming With Update 30.2

With all the main changes out of the way, let’s talk about some of the smaller changes.

  • The Crafter Pass can no longer be purchased with in-game currency and has to be bought with real money. This change also made the crafter pass contain a lot more unlockables.
  • Looting has been made easier with several quality-of-life updates
  • The Workshop has a Special Crafting option allowing players to customize their Lamborghinis
  • Creating a Clan only takes 4.5k BP now compared to the previous 15k BP

Update 30.2 will bring many things to the game that some fans have been asking for years now. Along with the collaboration with Lamborghini, the Patch looks to be an exciting one that we just cannot wait to play!