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2K Games announced yesterday that the open multiplayer beta for its upcoming shooter Evolve has gone live – exclusively on Xbox One.

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Participants in the open beta can play the standard “Hunt” mode; new Monsters and Hunters can be unlocked and carried over to the full version of Evolve when it launches on February 10th.

On January 17th, the open beta will see an additional mode – Evacuation, which is described as a “dynamic campaign” with “the full array of maps and modes.” 2K Games promises this will provide a “unique and highly replayable experience.”

For those interested in the upcoming 4v1 multiplayer shooter, Evolve can be pre-ordered and pre-downloaded on Xbox Live. Pre-purchase customers can actually enjoy certain bonus perks in the open beta, such as instant unlocks for the Wraith monster, and hunters Parnell, Abe, Caira and Cabot. Additionally the Monster Expansion Pack comes free with pre-purchased copies.

Stay tuned for more as Evolve heads to Xbox One, PS4 & PC next month.

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