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Expeditions: Rome is launching in January 2022

Expeditions: Rome

Within a month, the fate of an empire will be in your hands.

THQ Nordic announced today that Expeditions: Rome will be released on I●XX●MMXXII. If you don’t know Roman numerals, don’t worry. This classic turn-based RPG is coming to PC via Steam on January 20, 2022.

Get power, influence, and land

You may become the Legatus of a Roman legion in Expeditions: Rome and lead your forces across Greece, Egypt, and Gaul. You will gain authority and influence, and your word will be taken seriously in Rome’s political affairs. But not everything will be as simple as it appears, for your actions will affect the lives of your companions, armies, and perhaps the fate of entire nations.

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Expeditions: Rome

In a campaign that spans Europe and North Africa, you’ll have to fight tough turn-based battles, level up your alter ego and friends, manage your legion, explore, loot, and manufacture your way through Europe and North Africa.

Expeditions: Rome, as previously stated, will be available on PC via Steam on January 20, 2022. If you think you have what it takes to be an emperor, you can now add THQ Nordic’s title to your Steam wishlist.

Watch the release date trailer down below!