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Fall Guys free-to-play arrives today

Fall Guys Free for All

Mediatonic has taken action and everything seems to be improving.

As we have been saying for months, Fall Guys, after its union with Epic Games, would arrive as a free-to-play game on all consoles. After much hype from the community and all the information shared by Mediatonic, finally, the day has come.

With its new Season Pass and all the new content, it was a dream release. Still, like all good things, there can be bad things. Therefore, problems have overshadowed a little the launch of this new stage of Fall Guys.

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Over 300k players on all platforms

Despite being almost two years old, Fall Guys has never quite gone away. This kind of battle royale, which was previously paid, usually managed figures of 40k monthly players. It’s a figure that exceeded the average of many games of the genre. But, after Mediatonic and Epic Games presented the launch of the free-to-play game, the hype behind Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has grown.

After the game’s free-to-play launch, the numbers have spoken. In a few words, it has been the expected success. Over 300k players have averaged Fall Guys today on all platforms.  Not only that, its new season pass system has been well accepted by players. Even the free season pass offers enough content so that you will never get bored playing the game.

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Not all roses

As mentioned above, not everything has been positive today. A lot of players have faced an unpleasant situation. Due to the massive amount of players that entered the game today, the servers had problems.

On different platforms, players have been queued for up to 30 minutes! Usually, on Fall Guys, players do not have to wait more than 3 minutes for a game. Today, the average waiting time has been 5 minutes. It may not sound like much, but when we are talking about an average of 300k+ players, 5 minutes is alarming. Still, the situation has not lasted that long. Mediatonic has taken action.

The developer behind the game, Mediatonic, has received a lot of feedback from players via Twitter. This is why players have noticed the constant issue with the servers.  Consequently, they have notified through the same platform that they were fixing each of these problems.

The work on the part of Mediatonic can already be felt since due to the problems, the number of players had been dropping little by little. But, since a couple of hours ago, it has been seen how little by little the number of players has been increasing. It is remarkable the work of the developers to make these fixes to the game without the need to put the servers in maintenance.

Fall Guys is free-to-play and is already available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam. If you are a Fall Guys player and you get a noticeable bug, you can reply to this Twitter thread to notify the devs about all the bugs.