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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout update removes back-to-back team games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The latest Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout update brings a few changes to the battle royale party game. Among them: no more back-to-back team games.

Removing consecutive team games has been a request of the community, so the developers at Mediatonic are paying attention. The news was confirmed on Twitter. Here’s the tweet that was sent out this morning:

As you can see from the tweet, they’ve also changed the max player count for Fall Mountain. The timer is now 1:30 for Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble. Expect more updates as the developers receive player feedback.

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Fall Guys is a smash hit so far. The game sold 2 million copies on Steam in its first week, despite being free on PlayStation Plus until the end of the month. It’s also popular with critics. The game is averaging an 80 out of 100 on OpenCritic.

In other Fall Guys news, the developers teased a couple of days ago that they would delete the much-maligned Team Yellow if a million fans retweeted this tweet. So far, it only has a little over 200,000 retweets, well short of a million. So at least for now, Team Yellow appears to be safe.

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