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Family Tree is a new pinball platformer coming to Switch

East Asia Soft today announced a new pinball platformer, Family Tree, which is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 10.

In Family Tree, Mr. and Mrs. Fruits tackle over one-hundred goofy levels that combine platforming with pinball in a fight to rescue their babies from an evil sugar skull named Pedro. Along the way, you’ll twist in the air, traverse obstacles, and discover secrets.

Each level starts at the bottom of a tree. Your aim is to find the goal and collect as many fruits as possible while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Once collected, the fruits turn back into fruit-babies.

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You won’t have to play alone, either. Family Tree features one to four-player endless party mode. The game’s soundtrack features dubstep, drum ‘n bass, and acid house.

The game comes from indie developer Infinite State Games, which is behind Don’t Die Mr. Robot and Rogue Aces.

Watch a trailer for the game below!