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Doom fan gets the original game to run on Windows Notepad

DOOM Notepad

Not only did Samperson get Doom to run on Notepad, but it also runs at 60 FPS!

Bethesda has been criticized for making ports of Skyrim on all possible platforms in the last ten years. But, the king of video game ports is not Skyrim, it’s DOOM. From last-generation consoles to scientific calculators, the original DOOM can be played on practically any device with a screen thanks to fans.

But a die-hard fan of id Software’s classic shooter, Samperson, has achieved something that no one has ever thought of before. He has managed to port DOOM to the Notepad application on Windows. Yes, Notepad! Surprisingly, it goes considerably well.

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“Finally, I created the ideal way to play”

As we have said, DOOM ports keep coming out. There is no electronic device with a screen that can resist a DOOM port. And this is what fan and Twitter user Samperson has had in mind. Samperson (whose Twitter handle is @SamNChiert) has taken on the task of making a port that very few people could ever imagine.

With high programming skills, Samperson has managed to use Notepad to develop a DOOM port that was not only playable but also at a stable frame rate. Although the option of using a modified version of Notepad was viable, Samperson stuck to the original Notepad.

Still, as we can see in the video shared on his Twitter, he managed to make the port. Although it looks a bit different from the usual ports, this one uses Notepad’s character generation to generate the graphics. Check it out below!

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After the awesomeness of this port, DOOM fans were clamoring for Samperson to share the port. A couple of days after sharing the video, Sampersen released a playable version of this port, but with stability issues. Still, if you want to try this amazing port, you can download it here via