Bloodborne PSX
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Fan-made Bloodborne PS1 demake out now

Bloodborne PSX

If there is one game genre that has swept the industry over the past decade, it is without a doubt the Soulsborne games. This genre of game has had such an impact that Lilith Walther, an independent developer, has just produced one of its largest projects to date, a PSX demake of Bloodborne.

A project made with time and care

After months of development and a few sneak peeks at some of the game’s bosses such as the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne, the PS1-style demake made by a fan of one of FromSoftware’s most recognizable works is finally accessible for PC, allowing us to play the game as never before.

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The responsibility of bringing this fantastic Souls-like game to PSX was taken seriously. Although we were unable to play the game on the original PlayStation – indeed, the franchise did not exist – it retains the console’s iconic graphics aesthetic with few polygons, simple textures, and certain technical flaws characteristic of the time.

Every detail counts

This demake deserves praise since it maintains the gothic ambiance of the original game as well as its hard gameplay. As you might expect, the complete game is not fully recreated. The PSX version of Bloodborne lasts roughly four hours; it includes the story’s first two bosses, as well as various bonus sections and secrets.

Bloodborne PSX

Of course, this is a fantastic opportunity to revisit FromSoftware’s title with one of the greatest demakes ever created, which also contains a large range of graphical options and filters to allow us to fully tailor our experience. Bloodborne PSX from Lilith Walther can be downloaded for free through on PC.

Watch the game trailer down below!