Fan-made Halo level in Unreal Engine 5 looks stunning

Zeta Halo Experience part 2

Once again, fans show what can be achieved with Unreal Engine 5.

Recently, we talked about what was achieved in a fan-made GTA San Andreas remake with the Unreal Engine 5. This engine, made by Epic Games, has not had the expected uptake by established developers such as EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and more. Even so, we haven’t stopped having fan-made projects since its launch. But lately, fan-made projects have been popping up all the time.

Among the Halo community, one project in particular has stood out. Infinite Forges, an artist and developer who works for Gearbox, has presented his latest work. If the Halo franchise is known for anything, it is for its vast and eye-catching maps. Therefore, Infinite Forges presents the Zeta Halo Experience. It’s a Halo level developed entirely with Unreal Engine 5.

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Another amazing experience made with the Unreal Engine 5

Most of the projects we can see created with the Unreal Engine are either graphical experiences or small games. In the case of the experience brought to us by Infinite Forges, we have a Halo level that is more of a graphical experience than a game as such. Even so, we can navigate “freely” through the map presented by this developer.

Zeta Halo Experience part 2

The objective of this project is to show how the new technologies of ambiance and light interaction work in Unreal Engine 5. Even so, the Zeta Halo Experience lets us see what Halo Infinite might have looked like if this game engine had been used.

But how do I test it? Well, Infinite Forges has made it very easy for all those Halo fans and curious gamers.

Try the Zeta Halo Experience on your own computer

This experience (or small demo, if you prefer) can be downloaded through for PC. But, for this project to run easily on your PC, you must have a sufficiently powerful graphics card. So keep that in mind.

Let’s hope that more and more companies and indie developers join the use of this game engine, which day after day, does not stop surprising. We also hope that Infinite Forge, despite his work at Gearbox, continues to present us with more experiences set in the impressive world of Halo.

Watch a teaser of the fan-made level down below!