Fanatical’s Stand With Ukraine Charity Bundle offers 50 games for $15

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Stand with Ukraine Fanatical

By paying $15 dollars or more, you will receive a catalog of games and help the Ukrainian people at the same time.

This week, we reported how Humble Bundle has raised over $13 million for Ukraine. Today, it’s Fanatical who joins in with their new Stand With Ukraine Charity Bundle where 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Ukraine Red Cross.

Offering a smaller but more affordable bundle, Fanatical is offering gamers a bundle of over 50 games, plus DLC. You’ll find Steam games like The Falconeer, Fling to the Finish, Tinkertown, Gang Beasts, and more.

“We at Fanatical have watched in growing disbelief and frustration as the violent invasion of Ukraine has unfolded. The war is leaving innocent people without homes, orphaning children, and creating a desperate need for food, water, shelter and medical aid,” said Craig Johnson, Managing Director of Fanatical.

“When we were approached by fellow games industry folks about hosting a fundraising bundle for Ukraine, it was the easiest decision we’ve ever had to make. Richie and the team have done an amazing job in such a short space of time,” he added.

By paying just $15 or more, you will receive over $760 worth of games. Thanks to this, Fanatical has raised over $48K so far! If you want to support the Ukrainian Red Cross and get a nice catalog of Steam games, you can do so here.