Fans reimagine BioShock Infinite as SNES demake

Bioshock Infinite demake

Have you ever thought how a current game would look like if it was developed for retro consoles? 64Bits gives us an example of what such an experience would be like.

After 64bits have shared on YouTube some animations, considered by them as demakes, such as God of War for PS1, or Monster Hunter for the Game Boy Color, they have announced their new “demake” of Bioshock Infinite for the SNES, the 2K game that was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

What’s a demake?

Before we go any further, we need to make it clear to a lot of readers that it is a demake. Many of us already know and have played different remakes of games that were released for past generations and have come back to life in improved and optimized versions for today’s technology. A demake is a similar work but of a game that was ported to a console of a past generation.

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64Bits animation is a small design studio created by three designers from the Netherlands who constantly asked themselves this question about current games and retro consoles. This is the third release of their new series of demakes in which they have adapted the Bioshock Infinite game to the SNES, the classic Nintendo console.

A demake that keeps the essence of the original game

This demake, which unfortunately is simply an animation that we won’t be able to play, presents certain ideas from games that were released on the successor of the NES, such as the Indiana Jones game and Clock Tower: The First Fear. Even so, the demake maintains the essence of the 2K shooter.

Bioshock Infinite demake

The studio states in their social media, that as they have done with these three demakes released to date, they plan to launch more demakes in 2022 of games known by most players for retro consoles. They also state that it could be that one of these demakes that they have planned to launch will become a reality and can be played.

Take a look of this Bioshock Infinite demake concept down below!

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