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Far Cry 6 vinyl soundtrack packs 48 tracks on three LPs

Far Cry 6 vinyl soundtrack packs 48 tracks

Ubisoft Music announced a new Far Cry 6 vinyl soundtrack.

Laced Records and Ubisoft are partnering to create a brand-new Far Cry 6 vinyl record. The 48-track album features the soundtrack of Yara. The three-disc vinyl set includes two with the game’s original score. The third brings in-world music and radio tracks to your living room record player.

The set includes a total of 48 tracks. Each LP comes with its own inner sleeve that fit into a wide outer sleeve, making for the perfect collectible gift. The talented folks at Ubisoft Toronto designed the bespoke sleeve artwork.

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The game’s score comes from composer Pedro Bromfman. The score has Caribbean and Latin American influences. Hilario Duran and Ariel Contreras-Esqiuvel composed the music of Yara.

“It was a priority to the Far Cry 6 team that the game’s music authentically represented the Latin American spirit, leading to collaborations with Latin and Afro-Latin artists such as Gabylonia, Brooklyn Nitty Scott, Qbanoamerikano Piko, Diana Guentes, El Chacal, and more,” Ubisoft says.

Pre-orders are now open for the Standard Edition and the Limited Edition, which feature three translucent LPs: two red and one blue. It is available on the Laced Records website.