Far Cry 6 vinyl soundtrack packs 48 tracks on three LPs

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Far Cry 6 vinyl soundtrack packs 48 tracks

Ubisoft Music announced a new Far Cry 6 vinyl soundtrack.

Laced Records and Ubisoft are partnering to create a brand-new Far Cry 6 vinyl record. The 48-track album features the soundtrack of Yara. The three-disc vinyl set includes two with the game’s original score. The third brings in-world music and radio tracks to your living room record player.

The set includes a total of 48 tracks. Each LP comes with its own inner sleeve that fit into a wide outer sleeve, making for the perfect collectible gift. The talented folks at Ubisoft Toronto designed the bespoke sleeve artwork.

The game’s score comes from composer Pedro Bromfman. The score has Caribbean and Latin American influences. Hilario Duran and Ariel Contreras-Esqiuvel composed the music of Yara.

“It was a priority to the Far Cry 6 team that the game’s music authentically represented the Latin American spirit, leading to collaborations with Latin and Afro-Latin artists such as Gabylonia, Brooklyn Nitty Scott, Qbanoamerikano Piko, Diana Guentes, El Chacal, and more,” Ubisoft says.

Pre-orders are now open for the Standard Edition and the Limited Edition, which feature three translucent LPs: two red and one blue. It is available on the Laced Records website.