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FIFA already plans to release two new soccer games with rumors surrounding 2K


FIFA has talked about the future of the franchise, which has created rumors involving 2K.

The last few years of the relationship between FIFA and EA were not all good. FIFA has been embroiled in a number of controversies, and EA has only received middling reviews in recent years. But as we previously reported, EA has already taken a new direction with EA Sports FC.

Consequently, FIFA has also spoken about the future. In a press conference, FIFA president Gianni Infantino talked about the next steps of the FIFA franchise. For the first time in history, FIFA will release new games developed by external studios and publishers working together. Instead of working the way they have been working with EA for almost 30 years, FIFA will open the horizon for new companies.

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Two new “arcade” games are on the way

The first two games that will arrive under this new modality will arrive in a more arcade-style. This decision has been taken, as these future games do not plan to follow EA’s simulation path. This year, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 game will be released; and later in 2023, a game based on the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 will be released.


This decision has mostly planted the seed that FIFA does not plan to sell the entire FIFA simulation game license again as it did with EA. Instead, it looks like they are cultivating multiple partnerships.

“The interactive gaming and esports sector is on a path of unrivaled growth and diversification. FIFA’s strategy is to ensure we can make the most of all future options and ensure a wide range of products and opportunities for gamers, fans, member associations, and partners,” Infantino said.

Despite taking this new direction, FIFA is still in talks to launch a simulation game for 2024. They are currently contacting and convincing leading game publishers, investors, and more – all this while maintaining this new gaming model created by FIFA for its upcoming titles.

2K could be the one to make the next FIFA game

But why has this information become relevant today? It all comes thanks to IGN’s interview with Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two. Having a line of sports games through 2K, it was only a matter of time before Take-Two would be associated with FIFA. Therefore, the most relevant question was whether the compoany is considering working with FIFA for a new simulation game in the future.

“We’re definitely interested in expanding our opportunities in sports, and FIFA has a great brand and incredible clout, but we have no current plans to discuss,” Zelnick said.

In this case, it is normal to expect such a diplomatic response from the CEO. Still, as we mentioned earlier, FIFA is talking to major companies and investors in the industry for the future 2024 game. 2K’s sports line of games has become very important in the industry. They rival EA Sports with games like NBA 2K22, WWE 2K22, and whatever they are developing for the NFL. They also have the possibility of returning to franchises like PGA Tour 2K.

Because of this sports background and that they have shown interest in betting on soccer games in the past, it makes 2K a possible (perhaps even likely) option.

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