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Fight Crab is getting a physical release on Nintendo Switch

Fight Crab

If you like ridiculous, over-the-top games, Fight Crab just might take the crab cake.

As the name suggests, it’s a fighting game with crabs (the ocean variety). While the game does not have a confirmed release date in the West, a product listing on Play Asia’s website lists the expected ship date as August 20, 2020. It supports both Japanese and English language settings. And since the Switch is region-free, you should be able to play it just fine in the US.

Here’s a description of the game from the product page:

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A game where you are crab, and you fight crab.

Fight Crab is a new type of 3-D fighting game that grants the player complete autonomy and control of their limbs as a playable crab. Create your own play-style and unique moves by utilizing the physics of your surroundings, and the unique movement style of each species of crab.

You can also check out some of the crustacean battle action in the trailer below!