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Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi reveals canceled pixel art project

Sakaguchi Canceled Project

With attractive pixel art, Sakaguchi has not lost his touch.

Perhaps not in contemporary times, but vintage game fans hold Hironobu Sakaguchi in high regard for his great video game masterpieces. He was in charge of establishing Final Fantasy, one of the finest series in video game history, which also saved Squaresoft from bankruptcy.

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Despite his pinnacle with Final Fantasy, the creative director is still regarded as one of the industry’s best. We can corroborate this further since he published an image of one of his dot-art projects that he terminated.

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We can tell from the aesthetics that Sakaguchi’s shelved project was supposed to be a classic fantasy JRPG with pixel art adapted to contemporary technologies. In fact, it’s quite similar to the stunning Octopath Traveler.

As of now, it is unknown whether Hironobu Sakaguchi will continue to make video games. It’s likely that Fantasian, his final game for Apple Arcade, was his final contribution to the industry. But even if it wasn’t, his name is etched in history as one of the forefathers of the graphic designs we have today.

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