Final Fantasy V is now available on PC and mobile devices

Finfal Fantasy V Pixel Remaster

Another title from the Pixel Remaster collection arrives with an almost perfect remastering.

Square Enix has revealed that their legendary game, Final Fantasy V, is out now on PC and mobile devices as part of their Pixel Remastered collection. The Pixel Remastered lineup offers a fantastic makeover of classic games suited to current technology.

Another return of a Square Enix classic

Final Fantasy V tells the narrative of a young man and his Chocobo who are drawn to some new companions who will change their fate. When the gems that balance the world’s powers are endangered, the monarch goes to their aid… only to vanish.

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Final Fantasy V supports many various play styles and expands on the renowned Active Time Battle system, which debuted in Final Fantasy IV. It is highly recognized for its extensive and flexible job system, which allows players to freely pick the vocations their characters must learn.

We can discover completely updated 2D pixel visuals recreated for contemporary technology, tastefully revamped soundtracks, and gameplay that includes a modernized user interface, automatic battle choices, and much more in this newly remastered edition of the game.

The Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster is now available for Android, iOS, and PC via Steam.

Watch the release trailer of the game here on Game Freaks 365!

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