Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade was just announced for PS5

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade

As part of the State of Play livestream, Square Enix revealed that it’s bringing Final Fantasy VII Remake to PS5. The “enhanced and expanded” version is called Intergrade.

According to Square Enix, Intergrade “takes advantage of the latest generation hardware” and includes a “wealth of graphical, gameplay and system enhancements” for the PS5.

For instance, you can choose between two different game modes: Graphics Mode for 4K resolution or Performance Mode for gameplay at 60 frames per second. Both modes have faster load times.

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DualSense support

The game also features immersive gameplay using the DualSense wireless controller with its haptic feedback integration. Players will enjoy “dynamic bike racing” with its adaptive triggers. There’s also a new difficulty setting called “Classic Mode.”

Photo Mode

In addition, Square Enix is adding a new fully customizable Photo Mode so that fans can capture and share memorable moments from the game. Photo Mode is increasingly popular in games these days, so it’s not a huge surprise.

Free Upgrade

As a thank you to those who have already purchased Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4, Square Enix is providing a free PS5 enhancement update. It will include all next-gen visual and gameplay enhancements detailed above at no extra cost when playing on a PS5 console.

Release Date

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade launches on PS5 on June 10, 2021.

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