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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier battle royale game launches today

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

After many months of screenshots and teasers, the mobile battle royale game Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is out now.

Despite the fact that it may not appear so, Square Enix has released one of the most anticipated Final Fantasy games of the year. Okay, so that might depend on who you ask. But I digress…

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a mobile battle royale action game set in the setting of Final Fantasy VII. It takes place specifically between the Cloud tale and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

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Be a soldier of the Final Fantasy universe

Long-time Final Fantasy fans and beginners alike may now get in on the fight and prove that they are worthy soldiers. Magic and special skills, as well as ranged and melee weaponry, will be used by players to succeed in Final Fantasy VII places such as Seventh Heaven, Corneo’s Manor, the Bee Inn, and others.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

In addition to other military hopefuls, players will have to contend with fearsome creatures that prowl the city’s fringes. Players may obtain the experience needed to level up and unlock new weapons by beating them.

Something new in the franchise but retaining classic elements

The game has many classic Final Fantasy aspects, such as mountable Chocobos, strong espers to call (including Ifrit), and materia which allows players to perform devastating spells. To build their own unique Soldier, players may modify their characters’ clothes and accessories, as well as earn numerous weapon and vehicle skins, emotes, and more.

Special launch deals are available for a limited time, including packs based on Cloud, Tifa, and the Security Officer, which feature skins and emotes allowing gamers to personalize their characters. Players may obtain the Season Pass to get access to spectacular goodies such as Rufus from Final Fantasy VII Remake, Scorpion Sentinel, Unknown Entity, and more.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is free to download and play on Android and iOS devices.

Watch the release trailer of the game down below!