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Eager for bug fixes and improvements to balancing in Final Fantasy XIV? The Final Fantasy XIV 6.21 patch notes are now available to view. They include changes to playable content and the battle system as well as resolutions to a wide range of issues.

XIII Weapons Trailer
XIII Weapons Trailer

In this post, we will take a closer look at the changes in the Final Fantasy XIV 6.21 patch notes. You can visit our favorite gaming forum to discuss these changes with other Final Fantasy XIV players.

Here is what is in the Final Fantasy XIV 6.21 patch notes

The 6.21 patch notes came out on September 12th. Under “playable content,” Square Enix lists just one change under housing, which is an adjustment to the illumination of the Pendant Wall Light.
The patch brings a number of changes to the battle system, however, specifically for the Paladin and Marauder jobs. This news will come as a welcome relief to players who have been complaining about not being able to complete the Eighth Circle DPS check in. For Paladin, there have been potency increases for Holy Spirit, Blade of Faith, Blade of Truth, Confiteor and Expiacion. For Marauder, there are potency increases for Upheaval, Fell Cleave, Storm’s Path, and Storm’s Eye.

Another change involves a 1% reduction in HP for Hephaistos in Abyssos, the Eighth Circle (Savage) boss. Basically, what happened was the testing team spent so much time on battling Hephaistos that they became unnaturally good at it. They thus overestimated how players would perform against the boss, and set the HP too high initially. With the HP reduction, most players should have an easier time beating this boss.

One more change is that when players enter Pandæmonium: Asphodelos (Savage), the Echo will now go into effect, resulting in a 10% boost to healing potency, damage dealt and maximum HP for players.

Along with those major changes to the battle system, the team lists quite a few issues that are now resolved with Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.21. Quite a few of these entail fixes to various issues on the Island Sanctuary. At the end of the extensive list, the team adds that “other various issues” were addressed by the patch as well. So, if you do not find your issue anywhere in the full patch notes, hopefully it got a fix anyway.

More About Buried Memory

Fallen behind on Final Fantasy XIV? 6.2 Buried Memory has been out for weeks now, having followed the Endwalker expansion. Island Sanctuary was among the additions that came with Buried Memory, as is Pandæmonium: Abyssos. To proceed with the main story quest, you can head to Radz-at-Han (X:4.4 Y:9.8) to start In Search of Azdaja. Head up to the stairs to meet Varshahn, who will provide the quest. Following this quest, there are eight more. It should take you a few hours to complete all of them. As you go, you can unlock other new features that come with Buried Memory.

Now you have an idea of the most recent changes in Final Fantasy XIV via the Final Fantasy XIV 6.21 patch notes, and you know a bit more about Buried Memory. Wondering what is next in the game? Square Enix says, “Variant dungeons, criterion dungeons, Manderville weapon quests, and Omicron tribal quests are scheduled to be released in Patch 6.25.”

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