Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition with 30-day trial free for limited time

Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition

Square Enix has temporarily made the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition free.

The free game offer runs through May 26. You can claim your copy of the game via the PlayStation Store in JapanNorth America, and Europe. The PC version of the game is not currently included as part of the promotion.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition includes a 30-day trial subscription. So if you download the game before May 26, you should get plenty of play deep into June. Of course, after the free play period ends, you’ll need to subscribe.

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It’s worth noting that the Starter Edition does not include any of the Final Fantasy XIV expansions. Those will need to be purchased separately. Still, you should get a fair amount of content out of it.

Speaking of expansions, late last year Square Enix released an update for Shadowbringers, which added Ishgard Restoration and a raid. Meanwhile, Patch 5.2 added loads of new content in the form of new main scenario quests as well as a raid, dungeon, and more.

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