Final Fantasy XVI revealed as PlayStation console exclusive

Final Fantasy XVI has officially been revealed by Square-Enix as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive.

Kicking off Sony’s PlayStation 5 event today was Final Fantasy XVI, a title that has been rumored to be revealed for the last few weeks. The new title in the long running JRPG franchise had a strong showing today, and looked to blend Final Fantasy XV’s combat with Final Fantasy XII’s narrative. It looked much farther in development than expected too, with fluid combat and a more grounded narrative.

That being said, not a whole lot is known about the narrative so far, but Square-Enix has detailed that we should see more information on Final Fantasy XVI sometime next year. We do want to be clear that we aren’t quite sure if Final Fantasy XVI will be a timed exclusive or not. The PlayStation 5 showcase presented it like it would be, but also presented other titles that are known to be timed exclusives as console exclusives. It was a bit vague, so we just don’t know yet. Be sure to check out the action packed new trailer below!

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