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First Impressions: Indie Space Exploration Game ‘RymdResa’


Humanity has always dreamt big — even over two thousand years ago during the time of the Greek philosopher Plato.

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“Astronomy compels the soul to look upward, and leads us from this world to another,” Plato once mused.

RymdResa is an indie game that dares to dream big, challenging gamers to explore into the unknown abyss that is infinite space. The two person Swedish development team at Morgondag has created a procedurally generated (i.e. random) world full of mystery and wonder.

It’s not the first game to attempt the feat. Spore’s space age leap had a strikingly similar feel to it with seemingly endless worlds to explore and conquer.

Unlike Spore, RymdResa is uniquely story-driven with audio logs providing hints at what life would be like for astronauts traveling in outer space. The reality of life in space is one of constant struggle on limited resources and potential catastrophe at the hands of space debris.

That’s not to say that RymdResa lacks lighter moments. It is also an aurally and visually appealing experience that — unlike most games these days — is meant to offer some form of peaceful relaxation. The soothing music can almost put you to sleep.

The most exciting part though is that you do not know exactly where things are going to go. You have to get out there and explore the galaxy for yourself, test out new things, and dare to take risks even though it may not ultimately pay off.

RymdResa is not officially out until August 20 but it already looks promising. Check out our first twenty minutes playing RymdResa in the video above (or visit YouTube). Expect a full review on launch day.