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First-person RPG Abermore launches on PC


The first-person stealth role-playing game Abermore just launched today.

Players can become the legend that the city deserves. Four Circle Interactive and Fireshine Games invite players to inherit the role of a notorious thief and pull off the heist of the century in Abermore. The game comes from the creators of 10 Second Ninja X.

Abermore puts players in the role of an unscrupulous thief preparing for the ultimate royal robbery. You’ll take on jobs from a ragtag crew of crooks and criminals to grow their reputation and convince the city that they’re devious enough to lead a grand heist.

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Abermore was born out of our love for games that let players be broad in their approach to completing objectives – and the improvisation needed when things don’t go to plan,” said Dan Pearce, Game Director at Four Circle Interactive.

“Giving players the tools to tackle each 18-day campaign differently and make every run unique was a huge consideration for us while developing the game, and we really hope players enjoy experimenting with Abermore’s systems on their quest for theft,” Pearce adds.

Abermore is now available to play on PC via Steam for $15.99.

Watch the launch trailer down below!