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Five crucial tips for survivors in Evil Dead: The Game

Five tips for survivors in Evil Dead: The Game

Do you have what it takes to survive against the Deadites?

Evil Dead: The Game is a fun and challenging asymmetrical multiplayer game that’s out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. (Read our full review!) To give you the best chance possible against the Kandarian Demon, we’ve put together some vital tips.

Here are four tips for survivors to defeat the Kandarian Demon!

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Explore the map early

Survivors should start exploring the map early on in order to find weapons and items like health (Shemp Cola) and armor (amulets). Looting chests will also provide you with upgrades that you can apply to boost your health, melee damage, ranged damage, and more.

Each survivor can equip one melee weapon and one ranged weapon. Once you have both melee and ranged weapons, you will have to swap them out if you want something else. Keep in mind that hunters deal more damage with ranged weapons; warriors act as a tank, so melee weapons are ideal.

Teamwork is essential

It should basically go without saying that teamwork is important in a team-based multiplayer game. But let’s stress it anyway since it is not just important but essential in Evil Dead: The Game.

The game allows for voice chat for easy communication between players, but there’s a trick for players without a headset. The game has a ping system that allows you to mark weapons, items, and locations on the map for your teammates. This definitely comes in handy.

Also, don’t go off alone. This is a recipe for disaster as it makes you an easy target for the Kandarian Demon (see below). And for goodness sake, heal your allies when they’re down! Four survivors going down to three is a big enough deal; going down to just one or two survivors is a giant handicap that all but ensures that you get overwhelmed later in the game.

Manage your fear level

Just as in real life, fear is debilitating. The Kandarian Demon will try to increase your fear with traps and attacks from enemies. So always stay on the lookout for potential scare traps and enemies. If your fear level gets too high, your character can become revealed and possessed.

What are some ways to keep your fear meter low? First, stay near teammates as your fear level increases slower when you’re around them. If you go solo, your player is more vulnerable. Second, try to stay in light sources whenever possible – whether it is a street light, a lamp inside a cabin, or a torch.

Upgrade your character regularly

This is another one that should go without saying, but it’s an easy one to forget about in the heat of battle. The game allows survivors to upgrade six different categories: Melee, Ranged, Health, Fear, Stamina, and Shield.

What you decide to upgrade first will depend in part on your class. If you’re playing as the tanky warrior, you may want to upgrade melee early to quickly dispose of Deadites. Each of the categories has at least two upgrades, although some have as many as five upgrades available.

Although the order of upgrades will vary depending on your strategy, the more important thing is that you just remember to upgrade – period. You can upgrade your character once for every Pink F bottle that you collect in the game.

Watch the clock

You’re not just playing against the demon; survivors are playing against the clock. The game gives you a half-hour to find the pieces of the map, the Kandarian Dagger, and the Necronomicon. You’ll then need to defeat the Dark Ones and defend the Book of the Dead from the Kandarian Demon.

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