Top upcoming horror games
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Five upcoming horror games that will scare the crap out of you in 2023

Top upcoming horror games

From the return of some classics to some very surprising new IPs, these upcoming horror games will scare the crap out of you in 2023.

Although it may not seem like it, horror games are in a great moment. In 2022, we have seen, surprisingly, a tidal wave of horror game announcements that honestly come in handy. In the last four years, we have not had many titles in this genre. But, with all the ones that have been announced this year, we have plenty to look forward to.

Therefore, we feel it is necessary to highlight the most interesting games coming out in this genre shortly. From remakes of titles that we already know very well to continuations of releases to new IPs whose announcement trailers have left us with a good taste in our mouths. Next year looks great for horror games. We bring you the five most promising upcoming horror games that will arrive in 2023.

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Silent Hill 2 Remake

We start the list with the return of a classic that continues to set the internet ablaze. Silent Hill 2 is one of those games that you have to try if you want to. Originally released for the PlayStation 2, the remake returns 21 years later in a repowered form for the current generation of consoles.

Featuring state-of-the-art graphics, it will make us live the adventure in the town of Silent Hill like never before. This, along with other announced titles of the franchise, is that return super expected by all the fans of the original game and the genre.

If you follow us regularly, you’ll recall that we reported that several Silent Hill games are in development. That report based on comments from the original film’s director proved accurate. So we can look forward to not only the Silent Hill 2 Remake but several more games in the near future.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

While Silent Hill was disappearing from the limelight, another franchise was gaining strength: Resident Evil. This time, it’s not a new game that has the fans excited but the return of another classic. Resident Evil 4, considered by many to be the best game in the franchise, will return in 2023.

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Although the classic Resident Evil 4 released in 2005 is available on almost all current video game platforms, Capcom wanted to do something different. This remake will feature graphics, scenery, and gameplay adapted to the current generation of consoles. So we must prepare ourselves to live once again the horror adventure we already know.

Dead Space Remake

Although in the sci-fi horror genre there are players who prefer Alien: Isolation, Dead Space is the undisputed king. Since 2013, we haven’t heard anything more about the game series. It was even thought that we would never see another game in the series. But in 2021, EA released something that few of us expected (before the leaks). Dead Space Remake will arrive in 2023.

The work of Visceral Games is brought to life in the present day. As we have been able to appreciate in the recent gameplay, Motive Studios has done an incredible job improving the graphics, audio, and playable aspect. Also, they have managed to keep the suspenseful horror essence of the original and improve it even more. Dead Space is one of the most anticipated games of Q1 2023 without a doubt.

The Callisto Protocol

Speaking of Dead Space, a game that deserves a mention is the spiritual successor to Dead Space 3. The Callisto Protocol presents us with a sci-fi horror game with some very ambitious ideas that could go down very well with fans of the genre. What differentiates this title from the aforementioned Dead Space is that The Callisto Protocol will seek to play even more with horror.

Otherwise, it is a game where we see the best of Dead Space 3 adapted to the requests of the fans. Even so, The Callisto Protocol has a unique essence that will allow it to take its place among the best sci-fi horror games we have seen so far.

Yes, we are aware that this is coming out in December 2022, although it will still scare the crap out of us in 2023. It’s also the case that a lot of people will not get around to playing it until 2023, so we thought that it was worth including it in our list.

Layers of Fears

To finish this list, we will talk about a genre that has lately been receiving good titles. The psychological horror genre is gaining more and more strength, converting each of the games of this genre as the definitive experience of pure horror. Therefore, the latest presented by Bloober Team and Anshar Studios raises an idea that can break the industry.

Layers of Fears is a psychological horror game that will blow your mind. If you don’t believe us, it’s a game described by Bloober Team as a “psychedelic horror chronicle.” It’s a game where at all times will be playing with the psyche of your brain to bring out all your deepest fears. And as if that were not enough, there will be situations within the game where you will ask yourself what is the border between reality and fiction.

Undoubtedly, as a pure and hard horror game, Layers of Fears will be the title to highlight the genre this 2023. Moreover, if we mix all this with Unreal Engine 5, it will blow our minds.


This list could go on much longer, but if you have to choose five games to put on your wishlist right now, these are the ones you should add. Surely here at Game Freaks 365, we will play each one of them. So it is likely that at the time of each release we will leave you our opinion on these great titles.

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