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Flashback Mobile is a remastered classic coming to iOS and Android devices

The classic sci-fi puzzle-platform game Flashback is being remastered for mobile platforms on the App Store and Google Play. It will be released later this summer.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Flashback is a trailblazing sci-fi game from 1992, first released on the Amiga and then ported to MS-DOS, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and other platforms. Most recently, it was released on the Nintendo Switch to mark the game’s 25th anniversary.

The game “puts players in the role of Conrad, a scientist suffering from amnesia while being pursued by hostile forces on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. As one of the original cinematic platform games, Flashback combines classic puzzle-platformer mechanics with rotoscope animation.”

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More from the developer:

The year is 2142. The young scientist Conrad B. Hart awakens on Titan, a colonized moon of Saturn. Stripped of all memory and with enemies and kidnappers on his heels, Conrad must defend himself against the dangers of this new world, all the while unraveling an insidious extra-terrestrial plot that threatens the planet.

Watch a trailer for Flashback Mobile below: