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Expect a management game that’s a bit out of the ordinary nowadays.

Flat Eye, a resource management sim set in the “probable” near future that plays with the personal tales of its consumers, was unveiled by indie developer Monkey Moon and Raw Fury.

Manage a Flat Eye store

As the manager of Flat Eye, an Eye Life Corporation subsidiary, you will improve your products and services using Flat Eye‘s intuitive shopping algorithms. Use your finances to enhance the business in reaction to world events in order to better suit your loyal customers’ wants and unlock a number of branching narrative pathways.


Engage with devoted consumers to hear experiences ranging from the ludicrous and humorous to the eye-opening and unsettling about digital privacy, corporate control, and humanity’s increasing dependency on technology.

In this story-rich game that promises to be thought-provoking with a little levity to balance out the melancholy, experience the delight of owning your own store, the world’s number one destination for fuel and all your retail requirements.

Flat Eye will be released on PC later this year, according to Raw Fury. You may now add the game to your Steam wishlist.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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